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Yarn Bowl

Yarn Bowls are the newest thing for Knitters. Well, truth be known, they have been around for a long time but neat, wooden ones are the craze now. I make them either with a J-shaped cutout in the side that allows the yarn to easily be controlled in the bowl or, if you prefer a Yarn Bowl without the J-shaped cutout, I have those available. While they come in a range of sizes, I sell them as either Small or Large. The small ones vary in size from about 5" diameter and 3" height to about 5½" diameter and 3½" height. The large ones go from slightly larger than the small ones up to about 8½" diameter and 5" height. Since there is a bit of variability in these, if size is an issue, I need for you to tell me specifically what measurements you need for yours. I can also make custom sizes. The bowls are made primarily from Pennsylvania Black Cherry but I have some that are made from Black Walnut. Because of the great variability of these (size, wood type, J-opening or not), I need for you to communicate with me by e-mail or phone and let me know specifically what you want. I'll then tell you how to order that specific bowl. The advantage of these bowls over the ceramic ones that are being sold is that, when you drop the wood one, it won't shatter. If there is a break, it is easily repaired with a bit of wood glue and a clamp. If that happens to yours, be sure to let me know and I'll walk you through the proper way to repair it. I can even offer a repair service (at a nominal charge) to fix it for you. How's that for service?

Small - $45
Large - $55

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Small Yarn Bowl

Large Yarn Bowl