Thursday, July 25th, 2024

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Weed Pots are wooden vessels that are used to display dry plants (they don't hold water). During any season there are dozens of interesting plants that produce seed heads, etc. that display very nicely in these vessels. One of my favorite is to find small branches of a tree that have unusual features. Milkweed pods, dead zinnias, dry sunflower heads, etc. make very interesting, stunning displays when placed in these pots.  For a spectacular display, add some Winterberry to your pot.

I often use very delicate flowers in my displays. In order to preserve them I do what my mom used to do; spray them with hairspray or polyurethane. When it dries it will hold the flower together for a long time and help make a stunning display. Mom used to do this with cattails and this kept them from "fuzzing". I do it with milkweed pods and capture the white frizzy seeds as they are cascading out of the seed pod. 

The Weed Pots are between about 7 and 12 inches tall. They are made from split Locust fence postsWeedpot on fireplace that were from a very old farm fence on my property.  They are triangular in cross section since they were produced long ago from a larger locust tree that was split to produce multiple posts. The posts were in the ground for in excess of 40 years when I brought them into my shop. Locust is a very resistant wood so only the surface decays. I sand blast and brush off the surface decay so the pot is solid. The top is turned and I drill a hole that will accommodate the plants and also hold them upright.  The pot is sprayed with a sealant to preserve it. Each pot is different since the posts that I use vary infinitely.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these, I suggest that you contact me and I can send you a photograph of several of them from which you can pick a favorite or you could stop by my studio and you can choose from my "stash" of pots

These make a very unique gift for that hard-to-please person on your Christmas list. 

The dry flowers shown in the photos are not included.

PRICE: $30