Wednesday, July 24th, 2024

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Ruler Holder

Ruler And Template Holder

Ruler And Template Holders are extremely useful for organizing those myriads of rulers and templates that are used with sewing and quilting. They are particularly useful if you are a longarm quilter as they keep the rulers and templates available and visible right at the quilting machine where you need them.

One of the problems with most of the ruler holders on the market is that they are made for thin rulers only, not the templates that Longarm Quilters use. Mine are made for both rulers and the thicker templates. And mine will hold MANY rulers and/or templates because of the number of grooves.

The Ruler And Template Holders that I offer are approximately 13” long and a bit over 5” wide with 10 quarter-inch wide slots that run the length of the holder. That's almost 11 feet of ruler or template holding slots! This makes them have nearly twice the ruler and template holding capacity of my older ones with a smaller footprint! These slots are deep enough to easily hold the rulers and templates upright and at 1/4" wide slots will hold your quilting templates with ease.

If you need smaller or larger holders I can make them. Contact me for specifics.

They are available ONLY in Red Oak at this time.

Price - $30