Saturday, March 24th, 2018

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Longarm Quilt Clamps

Longarm Quilt Clamps

Longarm Quilt Clamps are used to hold fabric onto the bars of the Longarm Quilting Machine.

  • They provide a quick "on-off" for your quilt, as you can quickly take the quilt off and put it back on the machine with little effort.
  • They help provide a tight quilt top prior to your quilting it.
  • These clamps can be used if you have picked something out of your quilt (using that dreaded thread pic!) and need to put it back on the machine to put another design in it.
  • You can quickly snap on a trial "sandwich" to the side of the quilt you are working on and perfect a design on the sandwich before putting the design on your quilt.
  • They prevent the quilt from unrolling while you machine quilt it.

My clamps are inexpensive, and well-made. They are constructed of very flexible 2" diameter and approximately 3" long PVC. I sell them in packs of 5 at $10 per pack OR 12 for $20.



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Longarm Quilt Clamps