Thursday, July 25th, 2024

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Baseball and bat plaque

Needle-Alignment Magnet Close Up View

Do you have difficulty with getting your longarm quilting machine needle in its proper position when you replace it? My Needle-Alignment Magnet allows you to see the proper position of the needle and get it set quickly and accurately every time. No guessing or fussing involved ever again! I provide you with a set of two of these magnets (just in case you lose one) for a mere $4. What a bargain!


  • Align needle properly in machine but tighten set screw only enough to hold the needle in place but still allow you to turn the needle by hand.
  • Place Needle-Alignment Magnet on flat spot of needle.
  • The Needle-Alignment Magnet allows you to see position of needle prior to tightening set screw.
  • Tighten needle set screw on machine while observing the position of the Needle-Alignment Magnet.
  • Remove the Needle-Alignment Magnet and store it is a place where you can find it again. How about in the container where you store your spare needles?
  • The photo shows how to position the Needle-Alignment Magnet properly in order to get your needle set in the right position.
Price - 2 for $4