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The Hang 'N Find is a flat rod with hooks and is attached to your wall with screws. It is used to hang rulers, templates, etc. in a convenient, readily available place. It is incredibly effective in displaying your rulers, etc. and making them easy to locate when you need them.  Each Hang 'N Find has 6 hooks and is approximately 35" long.  I can custom make others for your specific needs if you contact me. Each Hang 'N Find comes supplied with  6 hooks,  2 screws for mounting, 2 plugs for the screw holes in the wood and 1 wooden hanger. Directions for mounting to a wall are online.

These are sold online in multiples of two. 

The Hang 'N Find are available in either Pennsylvania Black Cherry or Red Oak.

I have attached instructions to enable you to easily hang the Hang 'N Find on your wall.

PRICE: 2 FOR $25




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Hang 'N Find

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