Wednesday, May 29th, 2024

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You cat lovers have brought out the best in me! You are aware of the Kitty Kover for the Heads-Up Magnetic Pin Wells. Now, I've produced a Feline Fooler for the Bar Sitter!  

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Left: Bar Sitter with 120 corsage pins.
Right: Feline Fooler that fits over Bar Sitter.

No longer do you have to leave any of your pins exposed to the feline predator in your home!  Your cat will now be protected from eating your quilting pins while on its forays through your fabric.

The Feline Fooler is a wooden cover that beautifully covers the new Bar Sitter that I have available for longarm quilters.  It completely covers the corsage pins and the Bar Sitter and will rest attractively on your quilting table top. As with the Kitty Kover, the Feline Fooler doubles as a great storage place for transporting your pins when you travel.

You have a choice of either Pennsylvania Black Cherry or Red Oak for the Feline Fooler to match the Bar Sitter. You should purchase both of these together if you are going to get the Feline Fooler to be certain of the fit. If you already purchased a Bar Sitters let me know and I'll tell you what dimensions it has to be to work with the Feline Fooler.

CAUTION: The unit uses magnets for holding power. I can't make them without magnets. Consequently, if you have a pacemaker, please don't use these as it may adversely affect the pacemaker.



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Feline Fooler

Wood Type

Bar Sitter and Feline Fooler Combo

Wood Type