Wednesday, July 24th, 2024

Items for Sale by Fred's Creative Woodworking


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I make lots of cool buttons for sale. They are all hand-sculpted out of hardwoods. Some are the natural wood (Oak, Black Walnut, Black Cherry, White Ash, etc.) and some are dyed wood (mostly dyed White Ash).

I can make them in a variety of sizes from about 1.5” diameter up to about 5” diameter (I can go beyond this on very special orders—challenge me!).

These buttons can be used for coasters, stand-alone art (dream catchers, etc.), attachments on quilts, shirts, coats, etc. Let me know what you are using yours for and I’ll include it here in this list.

I’m interested in making specialty shapes and sizes so let me know what you want.

Prices: Standard-shaped buttons made out of natural undyed hardwoods are priced from $2 each for those from about 1.5” up to 2” in diameter. Those above 2” up to 3” diameter are $2.50 each. Those above 3” up to 4” diameter are $3 each and those over 4” up to 5” diameter are $3.50 each. Add $1.25 each for dyed White Ash.

I have many different dyes on-hand that I can use on the White Ash. The photos on this page give you an idea of the range of colors but I can create others, depending on your needs.

Since these are such an individual-need/want item, I’m requesting that you e-mail me with your wants/needs and we can develop it from there. Once we work out what you want, I’ll invoice you via PayPal for the cost.

As with all of my items, shipping is only $10 per order!