Thursday, July 25th, 2024

Fred's Creative Woodworking

Fred's Creative WoodworkingThe wood lathe is one of the unique shop tools that allows you to produce a completed object using basically only one power tool. However, as most modern woodturners will tell you (especially if their significant other is within earshot), you need a lot of other tools in order to be a "complete" woodturner. It is very satisfying and great therapy to have long streams of shavings coming off a piece that is being turned- it beats going to a psychiatrist to get your head adjusted! Also, a great deal of the work now being done in woodturning involves carving, painting, decorating, etc. with tools other than the lathe.

Fred's Creative Woodworking is more than just woodturning. Fred has a variety of items available for sale and welcomes ideas from you for new creations. 

There are two areas on my site where I have items for sale.

My Sales Page has SEWING AND QUILTING ITEMS   as well as other non-quilting items that I make.

My Gallery Page has a large variety of WOOD ART that I make for sale.